Merchandising for loyalty-building activities

A large chain of supermarkets and grocers has a loyalty-building program which welcomes new-born babies, with a basket full of products. The company has also on several occasions been a sponsor of the “salón de la infancia” event, where it publicizes the initiative.

Merchandising para fidelización Ademafi 1

Ademafi's Solution

Over several years, we have come up with elements that are easy to mass-produce, which would generate memories and be functional. Of particular note among the things we came up with are the magnetic gadgets: photo frames with magnets, or magnetic notebooks, since the refrigerator is a typical focal point for all the family and a place where one may keep souvenirs, as well as being an appliance in which to store the food products purchased in the supermarket.

We have not only collaborated on gadgets, but also we have manufactured different models of bib, which have been included in the welcome basket in the loyalty-building activity.

Merchandising para fidelización Ademafi 2
Merchandising para fidelización Ademafi 3

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