With only one finger

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The brands are looking to be remembered and to be present into the day to day of their consumers, reason, why the brands must use useful merchandising products for people.

We present an amazing stand and finger grip for any smartphones that adheres to the mobile, with multiple utilities.

One finger is enough to carry the phone easily and comfortably, being a self-standing while you see the mobile when it is on the table. This promotional and merchandising item provides great advertising thanks to its digital printing technique.

One finger is enough to carry the phone

Self-Standing (Horizontal / Vertical)

Adjustable Flexible Finger Grip

Selfie? NO problem

A good gift and promotional item. Why?

  1. Repetitive exposure for consumer awareness
  2. Covers broad target market (people of all age and background)
  3. Wide advertising surface
  4. Interesting and creative design
  5. Affordable price for popularization.

100% original product and patented in more than 50 countries.

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