The 4 initial premises to begin to work in a promotional marketing campaign

Promotional gifts Ademafi

The 4 initial premises to start working on a promotional Marketing campaign are:

The message, values ​​to communicate
The public who receives the gift.

In promotional marketing, there is no equal production because each client is different, their own branding, their values, the message to be communicated is unique in each action to be developed.

For a gift to be emotional and connect with the recipient, it is required:

1. Programming, nothing is manufactured, you have to think, design, manufacture, and transport.
2. Know who the recipient is, think you might like it.
3. A good design.
4. Correct manufacturing.
5. Ecological and soft material.
6. A correct marking, do not put the logo too large, if so the product will not be used, the important thing is that the logo is.
7. Good packaging.
8. Quality and utility.
9. A correct message to attract.
10. Comply with the product labeling standards required in the country of arrival.

Instead of making a large amount, it is better to make less quantity, but with quality, so sure that the gift will be valued and used and will not end up in the trash, becoming a wasteful expense.

When time passes and we use those who have given us, then it is a good gift.
The promotional item has to thrill to create a connection with the brand.

Organization and planning, I know that sometimes it is not easy, but believe me, a custom production makes the difference to a stock material in standard color where only your logo is screen printed.

The gift should always excite the recipient either thanks to its design, material, utility, although it’s unit price is low, it does not have to not move.

See you soon