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Recycled PET plastics VS Organic plastics (PLA)

Recycled PET plastics (rPET)

+ One recycling process has already been carried out.
+ The sustainability process has already started.
+ Signi cantly lower energy consumption in production compared to bio-plastics.
+ More positive CO balance
+ Material is very durable and suitable for upcycling.
+ rPET can be fed to the „Yellow Bag”.
+ rPET can be recycled multiple times

Organic plastics (PLA)

+ PLA can be biologically degraded.
+ PLA can be composted.
– Only when the material is actually composted and degraded can we speak of a sustainability process.
– Biological degradation of the material only takes place in certain situations.
– Demonstrable and also temporal degradation only under laboratory conditions.
– Signi cantly more energy is required for the production of bio-plastics than for conventional plastics.
– Negative CO balance.