Gift-giving at an event: the memento in your daily life

The organizers of the social media marketing day had different needs in terms of those attending, depending on the moment of the event: the welcome, during the course of the agenda and the farewell to the attendees.

Regalo para Evento Ademafi 1

Ademafi's Solution

We considered the different moments of the day in order to cause an impact on the attendees at specific moments, and so that at the end of the day they would take the gifts away and use them in their daily lives. To this end the items we customized were: a tote bag made of dyed black cloth printed in white, a mug with the image of the event, a notebook and pen in the corporate colors to make notes during the event, a neck-cord to wear passes, and a water bottle with a customized label.

Regalo para Evento Ademafi 2
Regalo para Evento Ademafi 3