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How is paper made from seeds?

The manufacturing process is manual, slow and laborious, we use natural cotton fibers or recycled fibers as raw material.

The traditional method of manufacturing Dutch Stacks is used for fiber refining.
Then the sheet is processed, one by one. The pasta is distributed in the traditional sieves, adding and distributing the chosen seeds. To finish, a quick-drying process is carried out, which guarantees a good germination of the seeds and a cold-pressing is applied.
Therefore, the specifications may vary in weight, since the resulting density of paper with seeds is not always the same.

The seeds we use have been chosen for their ease of germination.
Our paper with seeds is an environmentally friendly product, ideal for conducting green marketing campaigns.


Seed types currently available:

Rudbeckia, Centaurea, Poppy, Lavender, Chamomile, and Peppermint.


Paper products with seeds and original ecological and natural gifts:

Flyers 10 x 21cm of paper with seeds

Use the 10 × 21 paper flyers with seeds, to communicate in a sustainable and effective way with your customers or friends. Differentiate yourself with our planted paper. Use them as an ecological and promotional gift for your Green Marketing campaign.


Small square paper cards with seeds

Concentrate your message in an unusual format with planted paper.
Size 8 x 8 cm


Diptychs DIN A4 – A5 on paper with seeds

The leaflet on paper with seeds is designed to organize the information into 4 perfectly differentiated sections.


Paper with Seeds for Professionals

If you are a marketing and advertising or communication professional and if you have any questions or do not find on our website the desired product or need another quantity, size, creasing, or a die-cut, do not hesitate to contact us

Papel con semillas ademafi
Papel con semillas ademafi